What:8 May 1781. *Spanish Gen. Bernardo de Gálvez vs. MG John Campbell. Pensacola seige/capture.

Other names:

30.421307 -87.216912, Pensacola
30.345756 -87.067743 Santa Rosa Island
30.368256 -87.200803 Pensacola Bay

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  • "Battle of Pensacola (1781)", Wikipeida. "The Battle of Pensacola marked the culmination of Spain's reconquest of Florida from Britain during the American Revolutionary War. Commanded by Field Marshal Bernardo de Gálvez, Governor of Louisiana and architect of the successful Spanish campaign, a powerful flotilla of warships neutralized outer British defenses and began an amphibious siege by the Infanteria de Marina of the town on March 9. British Major General John Campbell clung to the sturdy defenses of Fort George until Spanish artillery fire breached the ramparts on May 8 and struck a powder magazine."

  • Ralph N. Cramer, Sr., "Washington's Second Front"

  • Frank Howard, "Revolutionary War, Pensacola, Florida"

  • NBBAS:Three . Not shown.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". p.418. "8-9 March. [siege] PENSACOLA (Escambia County, FLA.) General Bernardo de Galvez landed some 3,000 Spanish Troops1637 at Pensacola in west Florida and began siege of the 900 to 1,100 man British garrison there, under Brig. Gen. John Campbell. The latter included detachments of the Royal artillery, the 60th Regt. and the 16th Regt. The 16th had previously been stationed in Savannah. Despite being outnumbered two to one, the town would not fall till May 9th, and then only after a deserter had exploded a key ammunition magazine within the post.1638" To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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  • listing.
    3/9 - 5/9/1781 Siege of Pensacola. Shown as Spanish victory.
    3/10/1781 Santa Rosa Island, Pensacola. Shown as Spanish victory.
    3/19/1781 near Pensacola. Shown as British victory.
    3/22 - 23/1781 Pensacola Bay. Shown as draw
    3/25/1781 Pensacola. Shown as draw.
    3/28/1781 Pensacola. Shown as draw.
    3/30/1781 Pensacola. Shown as draw.
  • listing
    4/12/1781 Pensacola. Shown as draw.
    4/22/1781 Pensacola. Shown as draw.
    4/24 - 30/1781 Pensacola. Shown as draw.
  • listing
    5/3/1781 Pensacola. Shown as British victory.
    5/9/1781 Fort George, Pensacola. Shown as Spanish victory.

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