Peach Orchard.

What: Skirmish, 8 August 1780, *Col. Elijah Clarke vs. Capt. James Dunlap

Other names: Second Cedar Spring, Cedar Spring II

34.9223635, -81.8517904, Peach Orchard 6 (JR-est. from Mills laid over 1:250K topo)

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  • Draper, Kings Mountain and Its Heroes, p.91

    Peach Orchard - Draper

  • Mills Spartanburg 1820

    Peach Orchard, Mills

  • Mills 1820 laid over Spartanburg 1:250K topo map. Smith's Mill on Lawson Fork Creek is matched with Glendale at Lawson Fork. Tolleson's Road is matched to that portion of US-176. The red dot is Thompson's as marked on the Mills map. Basis of site selection.

  • The maps overlay is the only basis used for the site selection. Additional source material (e.g., land records locating the Thompson property), if it were available, might favor a different site. Work with the 1786 Spartanburg map might be of use. George Fields places the skirmish on the same old road (only parts of which still exist) except further to the north. Wes Hope's site is apparently based on something different.

    Maps overlaid

  • Selected site shown on 1:250K topo:


  • Selected location in relation to other suggested locations (and other relevant sites):

    Peach Orchard sites

    There will likely continue to be varied opinions on the location of this skirmish.

  • NBBAS:Two. p.233

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". p.156. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listings for
    8/1/1780 Green (Greene's) Spring. Draw.
    8/8/1780 2d Cedar Springs (Wofford's Iron Works, Green Springs, Buffington, Peach Orchard). American victory.

Related sites: Wofford's Iron Works, Cedar Spring, Green Spring, Clarke's camp

Submitted by: Charles Baxley. Site location by John Robertson.

Confidence level: 1