Parker's Ferry.

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31 Aug 1781, *BG Marion vs. Lt.Col. von Borck

32.8585073 -80.4012116 Parker's Ferry (ferry)
32.858591 -80.403288 Parkers Ferry skirmish

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  • 32.8585073 -80.4012116 (NAD83/WGS84), Parker's Ferry (ferry)
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  • 32.858591,-80.403288 (NAD83/WGS84), Parker's Ferry skirmish
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  • Manuscript of Colonel (Stephen)Jarvis, a British participant, p.728. Search for " 728 " (note spaces in front and back).
    Came from Isaac Hayne's gravesite (bears 232.2 deg=WSW, 5.78 miles). "...seeing some Troops at a long distance off, and supposing them to be the enemy, charged over this long causeway and fell into an ambuscade, laid by the enemy, and we received the most galling fire ever Troops experienced." [Approached from the west]

  • William Dobien James, Life of Francis Marion. Project Gutenburg. Search for parker's. Biblio.
    P.24: "he with about two hundred picked men, by a circuitous route and forced march of at least one hundred miles, crossed the Edisto, joined Harden and approached the British. When sufficiently near he drew up his men in a swamp upon the road near Parker's ferry, and sent out some of his swiftest horse to lead the British into the ambuscade. While lying there a small party of tories crossed at the ferry, and in passing on one of them called out that he saw a white feather, and fired his gun. This occasioned an exchange of a few shots on both sides; but (as is supposed) it was thought by Major Fraser, who commanded the British, to be only Harden's party that was in the swamp; he pursued the horsemen sent out as a decoy, and led his corps in full charge within forty or fifty yards parallel to the ambuscade. A deadly fire from the swamp, was the first notice he had that a greater force than Harden's was there. He attempted to wheel and charge into the swamp, but only exposed his men the more, as they were thus delayed before the fire, and were wedged up on a causeway so closely that every shot had its utmost effect. Finding all his efforts ineffectual, Fraser at length retreated along the road to the ferry, and thus passed the whole ambuscade." [Fraser was ambushed on western causeway.]

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  • Parker's Ferry:

    Parkers Fy

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  • NBBAS:
    • Vol.Three, p.321, skirmish, 31 August 1781

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Search for parker's ferry To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listings Parker's Ferry, 13 Aug 1781, 31 Aug 1781

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