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Overmountain Victory Trail

Other names:
Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail

Historic significance:
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Where: Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina

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  • Custom Google map. Yellow squares mark road waypoints. "Mouse-over" any pin for identification. Click on any pin for name and driving directions. Note the several map backgrounds available (Google map, Google terrain, aerial, hybrids, two sources of topo maps, multi-scales of topos, etc.). "Click and drag" works.

  • Google Earth map

  • A similar and much later effort showing similar information from NC State.

  • ArchiveNPS Comprehensive Map Supplement for the OVNHT Management Plan. Basis for the above maps. Thanks to Paul Carson.

  • Anderson, William Lee, III, "American Revolution Sites, Events, and Troop Movements (c)".
    • Start at 1780-09-30 to follow proposed American's route to Kings Mountain.
    • Start at 1780-10-05 to see proposed route taken by Carolinians to join the Americans fighting at Kings Mountain.
    • To see the full trail to Kings Mountain, including the proposed route for the Carolinians,
      • Use start date 1780-09-24 and end date 1780-10-08
      • drag map to center on overall OVT area,
      • zoom in and recenter as needed.

  • From 1928 Historical Statements (lettering replaced as possible).
    Click for larger view

  • Copyrighted map. Patriot route is actual as shown in custom Google map, above. British "routes" are movements based on written descriptions.

  • NPS Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail .jpg brochure map. Dark line is commemorative motor route. Light line is route traveled by militia.
    Click for larger image.

Submitted by: John Robertson


Sources and References:

  • This map is based on the ArchiveNPS map supplement for the 1982 Comprehensive Management Plan for the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail . It is based on two separate 4-year periods of research. The map was shown drawn on 44 different topo maps (mostly 7.5-minute, with a few 15-minute maps). Some additional side trails and alternates were shown, in addition to some "OVTA" trails. There is no official Overmountain Victory Trail Association version of the trail. This is the trail as accepted by the National Park Service and used as the basis for the Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail. It is shown on the latest version of the OVNHT brochure (along with the commemorative motor route).

  • Archive Army War College, Historical Statements...Kings Mountain...Cowpens. Army War College, Historical Statements Concerning the Battle of Kings Mountain and the Battle of Cowpens South Carolina, Washington: US Government Printing Office, 1928.

    Library of Congress record: Author: Army War College (U.S.). Historical Section. Title: Historical statements concerning the battle of Kings mountain and the battle of the Cowpens, South Carolina. Published: Washington, U. S. Govt. print. off., 1928. LC Call No.: E241.K5U4

  • Overmountain Victory Trail Association

  • RevWar75  Make a Google advanced search limited to http://revwar75.com . listing. 10/7/1780 King's Mountain. American victory.

Confidence level of road/trail data:
On a zero to 5 scale, a confidence level of 4 is probably reasonable for existing OVNHT.

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