Orangeburg, below

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27 Apr 1782, unk. American cdr. vs. unk. British cdr, "below Orangeburg
abt. 8 May 1782, American wagons captured, 7 mi. below Orangeburg

Where: 33.423782 -80.766337 Orangeburg, below

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  • NBBAS:Four p.61.

  • Terry W. Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, XXVIII, p.35, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles - Part Nine", English Dept., Univ. of SC,
    Sometime around May 8, a convoy of six wagons carrying artillery stores and small arms from Greene's camp to Charlotte was captured seven miles below Orangeburg and burned, with the loss of one Patriot killed and one wounded.

  •, "War Chronology, 1782"
    27 Apr 1782, below Orangeburgh, South Carolina, detachment of South Carolina Militia (Loyalist)

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Apr 1782 listing   4/27/1782 below Orangeburgh. Insufficent data. Per Braisted.
  • May 1782 listing   5/8/1782 Orangeburgh. British victory. Per O'Kelley.

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