Finisterre, off

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Capture, Spanish convoy & escorts vs. *Adm. Rodney, 8 Jan 1780

Where: 42.778 -10.192 Finisterre, off

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  • 42.778 -10.192 Finisterre, off
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  • 42.8833333 -9.2666666 Finisterre, Cape
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  • Wikipedia, "Naval operations in the American Revolutionary War". Originally from Encyclopedia Brittanica, 1911. Quoted numerous places.
    At the close of 1779, Sir George Rodney had been appointed to command a large naval force which was to relieve Gibraltar and send stores to Minorca. Rodney was to go on to the West Indies with part of the fleet. He sailed on December 29, 1779, with the trade for the West Indies under his protection. He captured a Spanish convoy on his way off Finisterre on January 8 [1780], defeated a smaller Spanish force at Cape St Vincent on January 16, relieved Gibraltar on January 19, and left for the West Indies on February 13.

  • Archive"Spanish Warships in the novels"
    64-guns, flagship of a squadron of four frigates, two corvettes convoying 15 merchantmen, taken by Rodney's fleet off Finisterre in 1780. Renamed Prince William. An Eye of the Fleet

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