Spurn, off The

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Where: 53.769 0.247 Spurn, off The

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    "John Paul Jones account of Flamborough battle". Scarborough Maritime Heritage Center, from "Some extracts from the Family magazine, Volume 3 about John Paul Jones"
    His official account of the battle between the Bon Homme Richard and the Serapis, is as follows : "On the 21st [September 1779], we saw and chased two sail off Flamborough Head; the Pallas chased in the N. E. quarter, while the Bon Homme Richard, followed by the Vengeance, chased in the S. W.; the one I chased, a brigantine collier in ballast, belonging to Scarborough, was soon taken, and sunk immediately afterward, as a fleet then appeared to the southward. This was so late in the day, that I could not come up with the fleet before night; at length, however, I got so near one of them as to force her to run ashore between Flamborough Head and the Spurn.

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