Newtown Battle

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8/29/1779. *Gen. Hand vs. Butler. Newtown

Where: 42.04441 -76.73284 Newtown Battle

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  • Elvin Birth, The 1779 Western Campaigns, Raleigh: 2003, privately published, "Journals.pdf", p.118-120. 42.029777 -76.7207, 42.04546 -76.73351

  • The Battle of Newtown Memorial 42 2.724' N, 76 44.006' W (42.0454 76.733433)
    Near this site Sunday August 29, 1779 was fought The Battle of Newtown between Continental troops commanded by Major General John Sullivan and combined force of Tories and Indians under Colonel John Butler and Joseph Brant avenging the massacres of Wyoming and Cherry Valley destroying the Iroquois Confederacy ending attacks on our settlements and thereby opening westward the pathway of civilization
    Erected 1912 by the State of New York.
    Chemung County NY

  • The Battle of Newtown 42 2.665' N, 76 43.97' W (42.04441 -76.73284). Basis of location.

  • Conover, George S., compiler Archive Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against the Six Nations Indians in 1779.., Auburn NY: Knapp, Peck & Thomason, 1887, pages suggested by Elvin Birth.
    Gen. Poor's brigade marched back of the mountains in order to cross the range in rear of the enemy

    Col. Dearborn, being informed of Reid's detached situation, wheeled his regiment to his assistance and at the critical moment gave a full volley on the enemy's flank, which completed their rout....
    One Tory was taken prisoner who told us, that their whole force was tioo Indians commanded by Brant and zoo whites commanded by Butler ; among which were a British sergeant, corporal and 12 privates. A negro was afterwards taken, who gave nearly the same account, except the the number of Indians, which he thought to be only 400.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75
  • Aug 1779 listing. 8/29/1779 Newtown (Elmira), NY. American victory.

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