New Bridge.

What: Skirmish, *Capts. Shelby/Carr vs. Maj. Dill, 1 May 1781

Where: 32.8315516 -81.5662193, New Bridge

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  • NBBAS:Three P.219.
    New Bridge, Georgia
    1 May 1781

    After the fight at Beattie’s Mill an epidemic of smallpox hit the camp of the Wilkes County militia. The epidemic did not spare the officers. Elijah Clarke contracted the disease, and James McCall died from it. Lieutenant Colonel Micajah Williamson assumed control of the Georgians until Clarke was able to command the troops again.

    On April 16th the Georgia militia of Colonels Williamson, John Baker and LeRoy Hammond rendezvoused near Augusta and placed the town under siege. Williamson set up his camp within 1200 yards of Fort Cornwallis and Grierson. Colonel Thomas Brown did not know the numbers of the Georgia force so he did not attack. The siege continued into May when Elijah Clarke had recovered from smallpox and arrived with 100 new recruits. He assumed command of the force.

    Major Philip Dill assembled Loyalists from St. George and St. Matthew Parish to lift the siege and then marched to Augusta. Clarke detached some North Carolina and Georgia militia to intercept Dill’s force before they arrived in Augusta. Captain Moses Shelby commanded the North Carolinians and Captain Paddy Carr led the Georgians. The two forces met at New Bridge on Brier Creek. The Loyalists were driven off, suffering several killed and wounded. Captain Moses Shelby was wounded.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Search for patrick carr. 2 returns, 1 relevant. Bridge given as Walker's Bridge. Shelby's name given as Isaac (error). To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 1 May 1781. Shown as incomplete information.

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