Nelson's Ferry.

What: 14 Dec 1780: British boat burned by Marions men.

Where: 33.4307,-80.3262

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Note: the 25 August 1780 skirmish, sometimes called Nelson's Ferry is described as Sumter's Plantation.


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  • Cook 1773 map snippet:

    Nelson's Fy 1 Nelson's Ferry

    2 Sumter's Plantation, immediately above "Farrar's" (Great) Savannah

    3 Cantey's (Canty's) Plantation

    4 Murry's (Murray's) Ferry

    5 Mount Hope Swamp Bridge

    6 Lower Bridge

    7 Witherspoon's Plantation

    8 Kings Tree

  • The position for Nelson's Ferry is provided by GNIS and is considered highly accurate.

  • Position obtained from GNIS. Note other mapping options available.

  • From CBB: Faden's 1780 map:

    Faden 1780

    "... note no Eutaw Springs is shown and Sumter's place appears somewhat further upriver than the northern terminus of Nelson's Ferry."

  • From CBB: Nelson's Ferry North, modern topo map:

    Nelson Fy North

  • From CBB: "Loyalist Col. Robert Gray 1781 letter (as published in SCAR) mentioned the British redoubt at Nelson's Ferry, which I believe was on the Southern terminus of the ferry."

  • From CBB: Nelson Ferry North, pre-flooding:


  • 1921 Topo map from University of Alabama

  • 1944 Topo map from University of Alabama

  • From CBB: Nelsons Ferry, fishing map:


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