Mount Pleasant SC

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Locale containing Haddrell's Pt, near to Lempriere's Pt. and Hog Island Channel, continual action 26 Apr - 7 May 1780.

Where: 32.794 -79.862 Mount Pleasant SC

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  • From Mouzon, 1775:

    Mt. Pleasant

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    22 April. Capt. Charles Hudson onboard the Richmond reported the Americans were constructing works on Mount Pleasant (or Haddrell’s Point), and which stood to command entrance to Hog’s Island. As a result Arbuthnot informed Clinton that unless the rebels were removed from there their heavy guns they would endanger his ships under Fort Johnson; as well preventing him from sending ships in the direction of the Cooper River (which Clinton desired in order to complete the town’s encirclement.)387

    26 April. Concluding that Lampriers was too strong to assault, about 2 a.m. Cornwallis moved a small detachment Wappetaw toward Haddrell’s Point, on Mount Pleasant, fortified with a 3 gun battery which was obstructing British water movement into Hog Island Channel, and consequently also the Cooper River.397
    26 April. De Brahm: “The enemy commenced his third parallel. Troops from a vessel and four gallies, landed at Mount Pleasant, and took possession of a battery of one piece, losing one galley in this affair.” 398
    27 April, Arbuthnot sent Capt. Charles Hudson with 500 marines and seamen to take post in the environs of Haddrell’s Point on Mount Pleasant. By this time Col. Pinckney and most of the 1st S.C. Regt. had been removed from Moultrie, leaving Lieut. Col. William Scott in the fort with 118 Continentals and 100 militia.399
    28 April. Capt. Charles Hudson moved to occupy Lampriers, thus decisively containing the besieged Charlestown garrison. De Brahm: “As ordinary. Last night our Fort at Lampriers was evacuated, and taken possession of by the enemy to-day. It was not until this moment that Charlestown was completed invested; the enemy having possession of James Island, Wappoo, Charlestown Neck, Hobcaw Point, Lamprieres, and Haddrell's Point; and his fleet anchored in the Road-stead before the town.” 401 Arbuthnot, in a letter to Mr. Stevens dated Charlestown 14 May, wrote: “Having stationed ships and armed vessels off the different inlets, upon the coast, and the town being now nearly invested, attempts were made to pass a naval force into Cooper river, by Hog's island, (the main channel being rendered impracticable) and small vessels to carry heavy guns were fitted for that service: But on being found the enemy had also sunk vessels in that channel, and its entrance was defended by the works on Sullivan's island, and mount Pleasant, it was resolved to dispossess them of the latter, by the seamen of the fleet; and in the mean time, to arm the small vessels that had been taken by Earl Cornwallis in the Wandoo [Wando] river. For this purpose a brigade of five hundred seamen and marines was formed from the squadron, and under the command of the Captains Hudson, Orde, and Gambier, landed at day break, on the 29th, at mount Pleasant; where receiving information that the rebels were abandoning their redoubt at Lamprie's point, (an advantageous post on Cooper river) they marched with a view of cutting off their rear, but, on a near approach, found the garrison had escaped in vessels to Charles town; but their sudden appearance prevented the rebels from carrying off their cannon and stores, or from destroying their works. About the same time, a major, a captain, and some other commissioned and noncommissioned officers, with eighty privates, were made prisoners by the guard boats of the fleet, in retiring to the town.”402 ...
    29 April. The British galley Comet ran aground. The American’s still occupying Fort Moultrie temporarily removed some cannon from there to Mount Pleasant and (with them) sunk the vessel.
    2 May. [skirmish] Haddrell’s Point, also Mount Pleasant (Charleston County, S.C.) Coming by land from the north, Maj. Patrick Ferguson led an attack on Haddrell's point, part of the Charlestown fortifications (located across the Cooper River and to about the north and east of the city), capturing it.407 Allaire: “Tuesday, 2nd. Began to fortify Lempriere's Point. Maj. Ferguson, with a detachment of American Volunteers, marched down to Mount Pleasant, stormed and took possession of a little redoubt, located partly on the main, and partly on the bridge that leads to Fort Moultrie. This cuts off the communication from Sullivan's Island, and keeps them on their proper allowance. The Rebels ran off from the redoubt, though it was very strongly situated, after they fired about a dozen shot.”
    6-7 May. Tarleton: “This success [at Lenud’s Ferry] was closely followed by the reduction of fort Moultrie. The admiral having taken the fort at Mount Pleasant, acquired from it, and the information of deserters, a full knowledge of the state of the garrison and defences of fort Moultrie, on Sullivan's island. In pursuance of this intelligence, and wishing not to weaken the operations of the army, which became every day more critical, he landed a body of seamen and marines, under the command of Captain Hudson, to attempt the fort by storm, on the west and north-west faces, whilst the ships of the squadron battered it in front. The garrison, consisting of continentals and militia, to the amount of [two hundred men, seeing the imminent danger to which they were exposed, and sensible of the impossibility of relief, accepted of the terms offered by a summons on the 7th of May; and by capitulation, surrendered themselves prisoners of war.” 421
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  • Apr 1780 listing?   4/23/1780 Mt. Pleasant, Charlestown. Draw. Per Peckham.

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