Mount Willing.

What: Raid, Patriot militia vs. *Major Wm. Cunningham, Nov 1781

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34.0043035 -81.6678834, Mount Willing

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  • NBBAS:Three P. 385
    Mount Willing, South Carolina
    "The Bloody Scout"
    November 1781

    After defeating Major Moore at Rowe’s Plantation "Bloody Bill" Cunningham crossed the fork of the Edisto River and rendezvoused with the other detachments of his "Bloody Scout". Two of the detachments under Colonel Williams and Captain Radcliffe moved to Mount Willing and began plundering the settlers.

    A disorganized band of Captain Stirling Turner’s Patriot militia assembled and pursued Colonel Williams. This band of Patriots did not have a leader and acted more as a mob than a military force. They pursued Williams across the Saluda River into what is now Newberry County, and surprised the Loyalists, killing Captain Radcliffe. The rest of the Loyalists dispersed into the surrounding countryside.

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