Morgan's Camp, Grindal Shoals

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Morgan's camp, 25 Dec 1780-15 Jan 1781, before Cowpens

Where: 34.8895025 -81.639164164 Morgan's Camp, Grindal Shoals

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  • Alexander Chesney, Journal Of Alexander Chesney, 1755 - 1843
    Coll Allen and Cruger commanded the fort near the goal [gaol]; where I continued until Tarleton came into Ninety-Six district to go in quest of General Morgan [January 1781,] and sent to the garrison for guides acquainted with Morgan's situation [station] which was then convenient to my house on Pacholet; I joined Col Tarleton and marched to Fair-forest having failed to get intelligence of Morganís situation he sent me out [January 16] to endeavour to do so and to make the mills grind for the Army: when I reached Pacholet-river I swam my horse over a private ford not likely to be guarded, leaving the man behind me to go on more quietly & reconnoitre the camp. [I came to their encampment between my father's house and my own Ė] I found the fires burning but no one there, on which I rode to my fatherís who said Morgan was gone to the Old-fields about an hour before; my wife said the same and that they had used and destroyed all the crop & took away almost everything. I

  • Plats of Chesney property from map printed in Moss, Journal of Captain Alexander Chesney

    Chesney property

  • Morgan's camp reportedly was quite long and extended as far north as the re-located Adam Guoudelock house.

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