More's Plantation.

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What: Maj. Joseph Graham vs. Loyalists, 18 November 1781

Where: 34.3676680 -77.9894349

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  • More's Plantation
    • 34.3676680 -77.9894349 More's Plantation
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    • GNIS record for Cowpen Landing, approximate location of "Col. Moor's" plantation, about one mile below the mouth of Long Creek (and presumed ferry). Note mapping options.
    • Confidence: 5 (of Cowpen Landing), 1 (of Col. Moor's Plantation)


  • Plan of the Town of Willmington believed to date from 1769.

  • NBBAS:Three. 387

    More’s Plantation, North Carolina
    Wilmington Campaign
    14 November 1781

    After the battle at Raft Swamp General Rutherford moved down the south side of the Cape Fear River, towards Wilmington. Rutherford divided his troops and sent Colonel Robert Smith down the north side of the river, paralleling the same route as Rutherford. Major Joseph Graham was detached from Colonel Smith’s force and sent forward towards Wilmington.

    At More’s plantation, a mile below the ferry at Wilmington, Graham surprised a party of 100 Loyalists. Graham raced into the plantation and scattered the Loyalists without any serious loss. The Loyalists had twelve men killed and thirty wounded.

  • From Mouzon's map, 1775:

    More's Pl

    The green dots mark possible ferry landings in the vicinity of Wilmington NC. The red dots mark plantations identified as "Moor". Only that for "Col. Moor" lies close to, and below one of the ferry landing sites. It is considered likely that "Col. Moor" is the plantation involved in the action.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing for Nov 1781 11/14/1781 More's Plantation. Shown as draw.

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Submitted by: Patrick O'Kelley

Confidence level: 1