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Capture, 22 Feb 1782, *Comte De Barras vs. (British commander)??

16.7335, -62.1924, Montserrat

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  • 16.7335, -62.1924, Montserrat
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  • West Indies Score Card During the American War for Independence (1776-1783). " MONTSERRAT, captured by French 22 Feb 1782."

  • Montserrat,

  • Montserrat,,
    "22 Feb 1782 - Jan 1784 French occupation".

  • William G. Innanen, A Condensed History of Montserrat.
    "Returning from the campaign to the north, the French under ADM de Grasse force Montserrat to surrender on 22 February 1782. The island was compelled to pay a ransom worth approximately £4,781. The French appointed a govenor, Louis Joseph de Goullon. Under French occupation the people were well treated and English laws were observed. The French paved the main streets in Plymouth, built barracks and officers' quarters for their troops. The island's existing fortifications were strengthened and two batteries atop St. George's Hill were constructed that would both protect Plymouth from attacks by sea and cover the inland apporaches. All of the British West Indies were captured by the French with the exception of Barbados, Jamaica and Antigua, which had permanent British military installations. ".

  • French Naval Leaders And The French Navy In The American War For Independence, Comte De Barras Jacques-Melchior (Saint-Laurent), Comte de Barras (?1719 - c.1793).
    "Later, in February 1782, Barras distinguished himself in the West Indies by capturing Montserrat from the British. Illness forced Barras to depart from Fort royal (Martinique) on 27 March 1782, with La Concorde, to return to France. Barras arrived at Īle de Aix on 23 April 1783, where he retired from service as a Lt General in the same year."

  • Piers Mackesy, War for America, Published 1993, U of Nebraska Press, p.226, 456.

  • Timothy Neeno, "War Comes to the Islands: The American Revolutionary War in the Caribbean

  • Samuel Hood Hood, Letters Written by Sir Samuel Hood (Viscount Hood) in 1781-2-3, Published 1895, Printed for the Navy Records Society. Search for montserrat. 6 returns.

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