Mine Creek, near

Other names:
Congaree River (Mine Creek)

Powder capture, Moses Cotter vs. *Patrick Cunningham, 31 Oct 1775

Where: 33.93968 -81.85401 18 miles below Ninety Six

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  • This site is located based upon Moses Cotter's sworn statement that he was "18 miles below Ninety Six". This would have placed him near what could well have been called the "Mine Creek Settlement". This is 2 or 3 miles above the source of Little Mine Creek, and further yet from the source of Mine Creek. Dr. Bobby Moss' reference (that said that the road was near Mine Creek but did not cross the creek) helps identify the road involved.

  • Alexander Samuel Salley, John Ulrick Giessendanner, The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, 1898, R.L. Berry, Printer.
    p.305. Transcription of Moses Cotter's statement:
    ... on Tuesday morning last, at about 9 o'clock he left the Congarees, with his waggon, containing the ammunition that was delivered him in Charlestown, by the honorable the council of safety, to carry to Keowee under an escort of Col. Thomson's rangers...
    ...continued on their journey there, without the least molestation or interruption, until about noon this day, when the deponent perceiving some men on horseback, ahead of the waggon, came towards him: a few minutes after, two of Patrick Cunningham's men, coming up to the deponent and asking him what he had in his waggon, ...
    ...This unfortunate accident of taking the ammunition, happened 18 miles below Ninety-six. '"
    Signed and sworn on 3 Nov 1775.

    p.317-318. Richardson's Proclamation. Note Richardson used the date that Cotter signed his statement, not the day Cotter said it occurred.

    Reaching Ninety-Six a few days later, Col. Richardson issued the following proclamation: "South Carolina.
    "Whereas, on the third day of November last .past, Patrick Cunningham, Henry O'Neal, Hugh Biown, David Russe, Nathaniel Howard, Henry Green, and sundry other persons, did, in Ninety-six District, raise a dangerous insurrection and commotion, and did, near Mine Creek, in said District, felloniously take and carry away a quantity of ammunition, the. property of the public, and in contempt of public authority, and did also, with further aid, and by force of arms..."

  • Dr. Bobby Moss has a reference which says that the incident occurred on the road near the source of Mine Creek, but the road did not cross Mine Creek.

  • From Mills' Edgefield District map, surveyed 1817

    Mine Creek

  • Terry Lipscomb, Battles, Skrimishes and Actions of the American Revolution in South Carolina, 1991, SC Dept. of Archives and History.
    No listing for October 1775
    3 July 1781, Eggleston's Capture, Lexington Co., Ref: Names in SC, XXV, p.30.

  • Terry Lipscomb, Names in South Carolina, XX, p.20, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles: Part I"
    During the remainder of the year, the scene of action was the up country. In the final days of October, the Council of Safety had dispatched a wagon load of ammunition as a present for the Cherokees. Patrick Cunningham's band of Tories had intercepted the shipment at Mine Creek, in present Saluda County, and had taken possession of it.10 If the Patriots were apprehensive that the. Indians might side with the King's men in this struggle, the Loyal,ists were equally suspicious of the Patriots' motives in sending them ammunition. Before long, both factions were again massing troops.

    10 William Moultrie, Memoirs of the American Revolution, Vol. 1, pp. 97-100; R. W. Gibbes, Documentary History of the American Revolution, Vol. 1, pp. 209-210, 224-225; Drayton, Vol. 2, p. 64.

  • NBBAS:One p.51-52:   "Congaree River, South Carolina, 31 October 1775". Mentioned as "Mine Creek incident".
    Revlist post
    Online, p.52-53

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Oct 1775 listing:   10/31/1775 Congaree River (Mine Creek). Draw. Per O'Kelley.
  • July 1781 listing:   7/3/1781 Friday's Ferry (Congaree River). Draw. Per O'Kelley, Braisted. [See Congaree Creek]

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