Michaus Plantation.

What: Marion campsite, 9 March 1781

Other names:

33.331095 -79.599394, Michau's Plantation 1
33.368076, -79.698543, Michau's Plantation 2

Maps: [map notes]


  • On Mills 1820 Georgetown map, one Michau's plantation (1, above) lay 068, 4.857 miles from Leneud's Ferry). It is 27.5 miles from Mt. Hope Swamp Bridge (Marion's next action).

  • On the Mills 1820 Williamsburg map, another Michau's plantation (2, above) lay 294, 6.27 miles from the above, and 344, 4.5 miles from Leneud's Ferry (added by JAR). It is 21.2 miles from Mt. Hope Swamp Bridge (Marion's next action).

  • PJO: "I think the Micheaus Plantation that would be correct would be the one nearest Lenud's Ferry (2, above), but that is just a guess."

  • Cook's 1773 map: Considering its age, the map geo-ref's fairly well, but slightly off. This is to show the positions relative to each other, and approximately where they would be found on a modern map.

    Michau's Pl

  • NBBAS:Four. Not found.

  • Marion orderly book: Campsite, 9 March 1781

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Not found. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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