Menotomy (Menotome)

Other names:
Arlington (modern)

19 April 1775, Gen. Heath vs. Lord Hugh Percy, running battle

Where: 42.416241, -71.158141 Menotomy (Menotome), Jason Russell house

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  • Thomas Fleming, "Battle of Menotomy - First Blood, 1775", Military History magazine. Suggested by Gerald D. Swick on Facebook:Revolutionary War Sites

  • Boatner, Mark M, III. Encyclopedia of the American Revolution, pp.630-632. Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1994.
    The running fight from Lexington followed the same pattern as before: the Americans sniped from behind cover, the light infantry patrolled the flanks, and the British column struggled along the road. Close fighting in Menotomy resulted in 40 casualties on each side. The regulars, enraged by the "cowardly" rebel tactics of firing from cover, broke into houses along the road, killed all males they could fine, looted and burned.
    [Note: casualty figures vary widely in the various accounts.]

  • Jason Russell House picture Location: 42° 24' 58.47" N 71° 9' 29.31" W [Basis for location]

  • The Battle of Menotomy, Arlington Historical Society.

  • Menotomy Minuteman Historical Trail Guide. Map, bibliography.

  • Roger Saunders, "Redcoats Retreat April 19 1775" Percy's Rescue: Kings Own, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 47th Foot, Marines.

  • "A Menotomy Hero: Samuel Whittemore"

  • Samuel Whittemore marker. 2° 24.926' N, 71° 9.155' W. Map provided.

  • The Foot of the Rocks. Historical marker. 42° 25.445' N, 71° 10.689' [Basis of location].

  • House of John Cutter. 42° 24.993' N, 71° 9.455' W "Site of the house of John Cutter. Set on fire during the British retreat, April 19, 1775.". Map provided.

  • Cooper’s Tavern. 42° 24.878' N, 71° 9.058' W "Here stood Cooper’s Tavern, in which Jabez Wyman and Jason Winship were killed by the British April 19, 1775." Map provided.

  • Google map showing above historical markers ref April 1775 in Menotomy (Arlington) MA. Click on red markers for i.d.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
    4/19/75 Lexington, Concord. Menotomy not named. Shown as land action, American victory (?)

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