McQueen's Plantation.

What: Skirmish, *Captain James Armstrong vs. Captain Ludwig Kienen, 19 Dec 1781

Other names: Queensborough

Where: 32.7240671 -79.9700908, McQueen's Plantation

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  • NBBAS:Three. p.406
    Goose Creek, South Carolina
    19 December 1781

    Greene had dispatched his cavalry forces closer to Charlestown to keep an eye on British movements. Francis Marion and his partisans patrolled the area north and east of Charlestown from his base on the Cooper River. Henry Lee established a camp at McQueen’s Plantation, south of the Ashley River, to cover the area between Charlestown and the Edisto River. McQueen’s Plantation, mentioned as Queensborough in Lee’s Memoirs, [?] was the home of John McQueen. Lee could observe the British forces in Charlestown and on John’s Island from this location.

    In late December Captain James Armstrong of Lee’s Legion defeated an enemy cavalry force led by Captain Ludwig Kienen of the South Carolina Royalists. Armstrong took Captain Kienen and seven others prisoner.

  • Lee, Henry, Memoirs of the War in the Southern Department of the United States, University Publishing Co., 1869:
    "...McQueen's Plantation, south of Ashley River."

    "The army resumed its position at Pompon, and the light corps returned to its camp at McQueen's."

    "Finding that the enemy had not advanced as far as McQueen's, he proceeded towards Bacon's Bridge, where halting, he learnt their misdirection, and returned to his former position."

    The 1869 edition consistently used McQueen's. The 1827 version consistently used M'Queen's. Neither referred to Queensborough.

  • "South Carolina Plantations" provides no information other than that an alternative name was Queensborough.

  • Names in South Carolina shows no results for mcqueen, mcqueen's, m'queen, m'queen's, queensboro, or queensborough.

  • Sherman, "Calendar..."   online. Too late for this work. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75   Dec 1781 listing. 12/20/1781 Garden's Plantation (Otranto). British victory.

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