McDowell's Camp on the N. Pacolet.

Other name: Often called Earle's Ford, for a nearby landmark.

What: Skirmish, 15 July 1780, Col. Charles McDowell vs. *Capt. James Dunlap

Where: 35.19546, -82.14323

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  • 35.19546,-82.14323, McDowell's Camp on the N. Pacolet. Conjectural point believed to be within 400 yards of site.
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  • Site selected is based on research of George Fields. Fields does not necessarily agree that the site is in NC. The only high ground above Earle's Ford is in NC.

  • Edward McCrady placed the site in Spartanburg Co. SC, but McCrady also placed Wahabs Plantation NW of the Catawba lands rather than SE where it actually occurred. It would have been in Spartanburg Co. if McDowell had camped at the ford, which he did not.

  • Earle's Ford is used as a landmark to help identify location of a skirmish that occurred nearby at "McDowell's Camp on the N.Pacolet" 15 July 1780, Col. Charles McDowell vs. *Capt. James Dunlap. I have seen no source describing an action at the ford.

  • John Allison's 9-3-05 notes on Earle's Fort/Ford & McDowell's camp

  • NBBAS:Two, p.201, Earle's Ford, p.203,Fort Prince.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". P.138. Earle's Ford/McDowell's Camp, shown as 15 (or 14 or 16) July 1780. P.139, Fort Prince, shown as 16 or 17 July 1780. Search for earle's. To avoid future long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 15 July 1780 (Earle's' Ford, McDowell's Camp, Fort Prince).

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