McCord's Ferry

What: Skirmish, Lt.Col. Lee vs. British suppliers to Orangegurg, 3 August 1781

Other names: McCant's Ferry

Where: 33.7732116 -80.6542543, McCord's Ferry

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  • PJO: This one is on the Mills map for Orangeburg.
    Bates Ferry (historical), USGS Wateree (SC) Topo Map
    UTM 17 532031E 3737065N (WGS84/NAD83)
    This is on page 309 of volume three: McCord’s Ferry, South Carolina, 3 August 1781

  • Mills 1821 Orangeburg map:

    Mills 1821

  • Mouzon 1775 map:

    Mouzon 1775

  • NBBAS:Vol. Three p.309.
    McCord’s Ferry, South Carolina
    3 August 1781

    On August 3rd the British seized control of McCord’s Ferry on the Congaree River. Lee had been ordered by Greene to strike at the enemy’s lines of communications from Orangeburgh to Charlestown. McCord’s Ferry was along that line.

    Lee circled around the British camp at McCord’s Ferry with sixty men and crossed the river. His cavalry dispersed thirty-two wagons with an escort of 300 men within sight of the garrison at Orangeburgh. The lead elements of the escort fell back, but Lee’s men had to break off their attack when the main body of the British refused to yield. Lee was able to capture twenty of the enemy.

  • The location of the ferry is known precisely. August 1781 skirmish was between the ferry and Orangeburg, a line-of-sight distance of 22.8 miles.

  • Mouzon 1775 map:


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