Map Notes

  1. Topo-zone: Topo-zone has become essentially useless on this site. It has been replaced with Acme Mapper.

  2. ACME Mapper example. Replace lat/long in this example to use for this location (being careful to show latitude,comma,hyphen,longitude). Click rotating globe to remove popups. Map, Satellite, and Hybrid are Google Maps. Topo is served up from Terraserver. This has been added to all sites.

  3. The National Map has been consolidated into a single site. The Java version of MapView has been discontinued. The site is under development and appears very promising.

  4. Google: Check "Show labels" to see road names. Try all options (map, satellite, terrain, driving directions). Try different scale levels until you get your bearings.

  5. Google Map with all locations plotted: This is a powerful new tool which has many of the advantages of Google Earth and will allow you to see other locations in the same vicinity. Regretfully, it loads only about 2/3 of the sites with no discernible pattern for those it drops. Use Control-f to search for site names (whole or partial words). For driving directions, go to "webpage", click on regular Google map, click on "Get directions: to here". Try all options: Map, Satellite, Terrain.

  6. global-gazetteer.kmz, world map with all locations plotted. May be opened in Google Earth or WorldWind (if installed on your computer).

  7. global-gazetteer.est, world map with all locations plotted. May be opened in Microsoft Streets & Trips (if installed on your computer).