Mansker's Station

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1780. Indians killed Quigley; Stuckley; Lumsley & Betsy Kennedy.

Where: 36.32112,-86.71472 Mansker's Station

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  • Mansker's Station historical marker 36° 19.267' N, 86° 42.883' W. (36.32112 -86.71472)
    Here, near Mansker’s Lick, Casper Mansker established a station of the Cumberland Settlements in 1780. The road connecting with Nashboro was built in 1781. John Donelson and his family moved here after abandoning his Clover Bottom Station, following the 1780 massacre. A great game trail ran northeast from the Lick.

  • Google Albright, Edward, Early History of Middle Tennessee, Brandon Printing Company, 1909,
    Kasper Mansker, as previously noted, was by no means a stranger to the Cumberland country. Now taking with him Wil- liam Neely, James Franklin, Daniel Frazier and others, he jour- neyed twelve miles north of the Bluff to the region of the twin licks he had discovered while hunting eight years before. Here on the west side of Mansker's Creek, and three or four hundred yards from what was later known as Walton's camp ground, they built a fort which was called Mansker's Station. It was located near Goodlettsville on the farm now owned by the heirs of Peyton Roscoe.
    At length the Indians directed their attention to Mansker's Station and killed Patrick Quigley, John Stuckley, James Lumsley and Betsy Kennedy. This station was afterwards abandoned for a time as will be later recorded.
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