Manigault's Ferry #1.

What: 1 Feb 1781, *Maj. James Postelle vs. ?, skirmish

Where: 33.467190,-80.421609

Maps: [map notes]


  • NBBAS:Three, p.64.

  • O'Kelley, Vol.3, p.91., note 138, p.498, quotes Davies, Documents of the American Revolution, Vol.XX, p.72; Draper Sumter Papers, 10VV69 and says that Belleville was 2 miles away from Manigault's Ferry. There must have been two Manigault's ferries, since Cornwallis referred to one about 5 miles above Nelson's Ferry.

  • Terry W. Lipscomb, Names In South Carolina, "South Carolina Revolutionary Battles, Part Five", University of South Carolina, Winter 1977, p.13:
    There were two old ferries on the Santee river bearing the name of Manigault's. One was located in Orangeburg County northwest of Vance, the one most prominent in the Revolution was present Calhoun County not far below the junction of the Congaree and Wateree.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Search for manigault's ferry. Particularly, p.260. P.261 "... Manigault's Ferry on the Santee River, five miles northwest of Nelson’s Ferry (Ripley: “probably about east of modern Santee”.)" To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

    One item, not otherwise mentioned, but of possible usefulness:

    Petition to Lieut Colonel Isaac Allen, 3d Btn, New Jersey Volunteers, Commandant of Charlestown, SC from Robert and James Bowman, Camden District, SC, who both had a lieutenant’s commission in the militia”: “They lived on the north side of the Santee River. They crossed the river and raised a company of 25 volunteers, who were lost in Fort Watson, near Wright’s Bluff. Their house at Manigault’s Ferry was plundered and burned.

    Sherman's references for the section (only some dealing with location and Manigault's Ferry) are:

  • NGP The Nathanael Greene Papers (Richard K. Showman, Dennis M. Conrad editors-in chief), vol. VII, p. 229,
  • BMS, (Tarleton Brown) Memoirs of Tarleton Brown, A Captain in the Revolutionary Army. [No mention of Manigault's Ferry].
  • JFM, (William Dobein James) A Sketch of the Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, ch.2. Search for manigault. [Mentioned, no location described].
  • BSF, (Bass) Swamp Fox: The Life and Campaigns of General Francis Marion, p. 138. "... at Manigault's Ferry, five miles above Nelson's." No source for this information is given.
  • RBG, Ripley's Battleground: South Carolina in the Revolution, p. 141 " ... Manigault's Ferry which in those days crossed the Santee River probably about east of modern Santee." No source for this information is given.
  • LSC, Lipscomb’s Battles, Skirmishes, and Actions of the American Revolution in South Carolina, p. 12. [Lists Manigault's Ferry action, referencing Names in South Carolina, 24:16, a periodical published from 1954 to 1983 by the Department of English, University of South Carolina.]

  • This snippet from Faden's Cornwallis map

    show two ferries just west of Nelson's Ferry (A). Using the distance scale, as well as comparing with the known distance from Nelson's to Kingstree (B), shows the ferries to be (C)4.5 and (D) 9 miles from Nelson's Ferry.

  • Mills Orangeburg 1820

    Mills Sumter 1821

    A. Nelson's Ferry     B. Vance's (Davis') Ferry     C. Bowman Plantation     D. Fort Watson

    Distance, Nelson's F. to Vance's F., Orangeburg map 6.0 miles, Sumter map 6.2 miles, Average 6.1 miles.

  • I vaguely recall seeing some reference describing the location of Manigault's ferry in relation to Fort Watson, but cannot locate it.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing. 31 Jan 1781.

  • Suggested locations:

    1. Bass, Swamp Fox p.138, suggests 5 mile northwest of Nelson's Ferry. 33.459355, -80.411546

    2. Ripley, Battlegrond, p.141, suggests approximately east of modern Santee SC. 33.4762, -80.4355

    3. Barefoot, Touring ..., p.284, suggests a site immediately east of Fort Motte and Thompson's Plantation. 33.731248, -80.628415.
      [This will not be seriously considered since nothing supporting it was found]

    4. Faden's Cornwallis map suggests a ferry 4.5 miles upstream from Nelsons. 33.451966, -80.399843

    5. Faden's Cornwallis map suggests a ferry 9 miles upstream from Nelsons. 33.502182, -80.455572

    6. Mills 1820/1821 Sumter/Orangeburg maps suggests a ferry 6.1 miles upstream from Nelsons. Note Bowman's Plantation location. 33.467194, -80.421610

    The relative position of these suggested sites is shown in this map

    Until we find more specific information, there seem to be two choices:

    • those shown as ferry sites on Faden's map
    • that shown as a ferry site on the Mills circa 1820 maps.
    Since there is one primary source placing a Bowman plantation in the vicinity of Manigault's Ferry, and since the Mills 1820-ish maps show a such a plantation on a road to the Vance/Davis Ferry at that time, conjecturally, (and somewhat arbitrarily) I have opted for the Mills c1820 Vance/Davis Ferry location.

    Related locations: Nelson's Ferry, Belleville, Manigault Ferry #2

    Confidence level: 1