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Manasquan River Inlet,   Congress Salt Works,   Union Salt Works,   Squan Inlet,   Squan,   Mennesquan

5 or 6 or 7 Apr 1778, Unk. Armerican cdr. vs. *Captain Boyd Porterfield, 71st Regiment Fraserís Highlanders, destroyed the salt works on both sides of the Manasqua River (JAN, Munn)
27 Aug 1779, British brig and schooner come ashore. Local residents salvage and refloat ships (Munn)
ca 10 Apr 1780 privateer Rattlesnake vs. *British frigate. (NJA2-IV) 21 or 22 Apr 1780, Unk. American cdr. vs. *Lt. Col. Laurence, raided salt works (Munn,NJA2-V4)
15 Mar 1781, Skirmish, Unk. American cdr. vs. Unk. British cdr. (RW75,OIALS)

Where: 40.11119 -74.0580 Union Salt Works (North), Manasquan River Inlet

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  • 40.11119,-74.0580 Union Salt Works (North), Manasquan River Inlet
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  • Confidence: 3 (salt works, north)

  • 40.08317138 -74.0681931 Union Salt Works (South), Manasquan River Inlet
  • GNIS record for Point Pleasant, Ocean Co. NJ. Note mapping options.
  • Confidence: 3 (salt works, south), 5 (modern Point Pleasant)

  • 40.1020598 -74.0331921 Manasquan Inlet
  • GNIS record for Manasquan Inlet. Note mapping options.
  • Confidence: 2 (grounded ships), 5 (modern Manasquan Inlet)

  • 40.08317138 -74.0681931 modern Manasquan
  • GNIS record for Manasquan NJ. Note mapping options.
  • Confidence: 1 (skirmishes), 5 (modern Manasquan)

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  • John A. Nagy
    Manasquan River Inlet, New Jersey...
    Captain Boyd Porterfield, 71st Regiment Fraserís Highlanders, April 7, 1778, Raid to destroyed the salt works on both sides of the Manasqua River. The saltworks on the north side (now Brielle) was known as the Union Salt Works. ... Where: Manasquan River Inlet. Both sides north now Brielle, Monmouth County and south is Point Pleasant, Ocean County, New Jersey. ... Source: Henry Clinton Papers at the William L. Clements Library at the University of Michigan. Item is document number 33:15 (Box 33 folder 15). ... British Headquarters Military Report. ... Maps: Close UTM 18 580246E 4440304N (NAD27) [40.11119 -74.0580 (WGS84)]

  • David C. Munn,     Battles and Skirmishes of the American Revolution in New Jersey,     Bureau of Geology and Topography, Department of Environmental Protection,     1976, p.51
    Manasquan April 6, 1778
    British destroy salt works.
    NJA 2, II, 170-171.

    Manasquan August 27, 1779
    British brigantine and schooner come ashore. Local residents salvage and refloat ships.
    Hornor, Monmouth, 64.

    Manasquan April 22, 1780
    Detachment of British troops raid rebel salt works.
    NJA 2, IV, 324.


    Archives of the State of New Jersey, First Series, vol. xxxi (Somerville, N.J., 1923), Second Series (5 vols., Trenton, 19011917).

    Hornor, William S., This Old Monmouth of Ours. Freehold, N.J.: Moreau Brothers, 1932.

  • Archives of New Jersey, Series 2, Vol.II, p.170-171:
    Extract of a letter from Kildare, Monmouth county, April 9, 1778.

    "About 135 of the enemy landed on Sunday last [5 Apr 1778] about ten o'clock, on the south side of Squan inlet, burnt all the salt-works, broke the kettles, &c. stripped the beds, &c. of some people there, who I fear, wish'd to serve them then crossed the river and burnt all excepting Dirrick Longstreet's: after this mischief they embarked. The next day they landed at Shark river and set fire to two small works, when they observed fifteen horsemen heave in sight, which occasioned them to retreat with great precipitation, indeed they jumped in their flat-bottomed boats in such confusion that they sunk one or two of them. One of their pilots was the noted Thomas Oakeson. The enemy consisted chiefly of Greens, the rest Highlanders."

  • Archives of New Jersey, Series 2, Vol.IV, p.324:
    Upon the night of the 21st inst. [21 Apr 1780] a detachment of provincial troops, under the command of Lieut. Col. Laurence, embarked at Sandy Hook upon an expedition against a rebel post at Squan;

  • Archives of New Jersey, Series 2, Vol.IV, p.314-315:
    Extract of another letter from the same place [Jersey Camp, near Morris-Town], April 15 [1780]. "...We hear that a few days ago the privateer brig Rattlesnake, from Boston, on a cruize, was drove ashore at Squan beach by a British frigate from New- York. As soon as she struck, and the guns were thrown overboard, 33 of the hands determined to make their escape by swimming, but unfortunately three were drowned. In the interim the brig, by the swelling of the tide, and the wind setting on shore, drifted inside the bar, by which means the remainder of the crew, except one, got on shore before the enemy reached the vessel. On taking possession, they plundered and set her on fire.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • Mar 1781 listing 3/15/1781 Manasquan. Insufficient data.

  • Online Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies
  • 1781 listing   15 Mar 1781 Manasquan

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