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McPhaul's Mill/Litte Raft Swamp/Raft Swamp

McPhaul's Mill
Skirmish, Little Raft Swamp (Beatti's Bridge, Burnt Swamp), Col. Thomas Wade vs. *Col. David Fanning, 1 Sep 1781
Skirmish, Raft Swamp, *Maj. Joseph Graham vs. Col. Duncan Ray, 15 Oct 1781

Other names:

34.885660 -79.238319 (NAD83/WGS84), McPhaul's Mill
34.91405 -79.31434 (NAD83/WGS84), Little Raft Swamp (Beatti's Bridge/Drowning Creek)
34.813873 -79.133436 (NAD83/WGS84), Raft Swamp

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  • Guide to North Carolina Highway Historical Markerse. p.79.
    Marker I-50: McPhaul's Mill. "Near here on September 1, 1781. ... Stood 1.7 mi. W." NC-211 at Antioch, Hoke County NC.
    Marker I-51: Raft Swamp. "..near here on Oct. 15, 1781 ...." NC-211 southeast of Red Springs, Robeson County NC.

  • 1808 map of Robeson County NC:


  • NBBAS:Vol. Three p.329-331. Little Raft Swamp, 1 Sep 1781. "...on a hill between Little Raft Swamp and Lumber River."
  • NBBAS:Vol. Three p.375-377. Raft Swamp, 15 Oct 1781. "...hill overlooked a causeway".
  • PJO: "Fanning stopped at McPhaul's Mill and camped there on 27 Aug 81. However the fight at Little Raft Swamp happened about 8 miles away. The exact location is merely mentioned as a hill in between Little Raft Swamp and Lumber River, but it was also beside Beatti's Bridge. I think that location is here: USGS Wagram (NC) Topo Map UTM 17 653995E 3864799N (WGS84/NAD83)"

  • Per this site "September 1, 1781 -- Fanning leads troops at the battle of Beatti's Bridge on the Lumber River near Wagram, NC".

  • Sherman, "Calendar...".
    McPhaul's Mill/Little Raft Swamp p.435
    Raft Swamp p.462.
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  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • listing. 9/1/1781 Little Raft Swamp (McPhaul's Mill, Burnt Swamp) . British victory.
  • listing. 10/15/1781 Raft Swamp. American victory.

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