Lick Branch

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Lick Branch,5-?-1780 Jos. Hay killed & scalped by Indians.

Where: 36.37942 -86.33280 Lick Branch

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  • MTSU Middle Tennessee State University: "Historical Background of Bledsoe's Lick"
    These mineral spring emerge adjacent to Lick Creek (also known as Bledsoe’s Lick Creek), a tertiary stream feeding into the Cumberland River. While within the northeastern edge of the “Nashville” or “Central Basin” physiographic region of Tennessee, the Lick lies less than five miles south of the interface of Tennessee’s “Eastern Highland Rim” and “Central Basin.”
    The assumption made is that the stream referred to as Lick Branch is the one joining Bledsoe Creek at 36.37942 -86.33280. It is also possible that it could have been Bledsoe Creek which joins the Cumberland River at 36.35391 -86.34872. (JAR)

  • Google Ramsey, James Gettys McGready The Annals of Tennessee, to the End of the Eighteenth Century: Comprising Its Settlement, as the Watauga Association, from 1796 to 1777; a Part of North-Carolina, from 1777 to 1784.... P.446
    The Indians soon after killed Joseph Hay on the Lick Branch, and a party of them invested Freeland's Station, and finding an old man, Bernard, making an improvement, at what was then called Denton's Lick, killed him, cut off his head, and carried it away. With the old man were two small boys, Joseph and William Dunham, who escaped unhurt and gave the alarm to the people at Freeland's. A young man, Milliken, between the fort and Denton's Lick, not having heard the alarm, was surprised by the Indians, killed, and his head, also, wss cut off and carried away. The murderers were either Creeks or Cherokees.

  • Google Albright, Edward, Early History of Middle Tennessee, Brandon Printing Company, 1909, pp. 73.
    A few days later [May 1780] Joseph Hay was alone down on the Lick Branch between the Bluff and Freeland's Station, when a skulking party of savages who were hiding in the cane shot and scalped him. They then beat a hasty retreat, carrying away with them his gun, hunting knife, shot pouch and powder horn. His body was buried by the settlers in the open ground on a point of land east of Sulphur Spring.

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