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Liberty Hill.

Other names: Campbell Town

Patriot/Rebel Campsite during Siege of Augusta

33.49453, -81.98776, Liberty Hill

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  • 33.49453,-81.98776, Liberty Hill
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  • 33.4940248 -81.9912270, Campbellton Ferry, aka Snow Hill Ferry
  • GNIS record for Campbellton Ferry. Note mapping options.


    • The Liberty Hill site has been plotted on the road leading to the 1817 Campbellton Ferry on high ground. There is higher ground nearby both to the north and the south of this location, either of which might have been the site. In the 1817 map, that to the north is named Snow Hill.

    • WTG:
      Having read a number of pension applications in which men mention “Liberty Hill” opposite Augusta as a point at which the men engaged in the siege of Augusta encamped, I wondered if that would rise to the level of importance for inclusion in the Gazetteer. A search of “Liberty Hill” on "Southern Campaign Revolutionary War Pension Statements" yields 11 hits, the most precise (as to location) appears to be W25580 John Fisher who says that Liberty Hill as at Campbell Town (Mills’ map of Edgefield shows a “Campbellton” as being just north of Augusta, obviously on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River). ... the consistent references to it as being a place of encampment opposite Augusta convinces me it was a specific place known as such by the men at the time of their service.

    • Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution Vol.1 No.3, p.18.:
      "Liberty Hill (one of at least three locations of that name in South Carolina - one north of Camden and another north of Aiken across the Savannah River from Fort Augusta)

    • Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution Vol.3 No.12, p.37. Pension Application of Marshall Franks: S10703:
      "The forces were marched to Liberty Hill opposite Augusta in Georgia; the British then had possession of Augusta. ... In meantime Genl Williamson, who had taken command of the forces, remained at Liberty Hill, but frequently sent scouting parties across the River to reconnoiter the country. ... The party returned to Liberty Hill. From Liberty Hill they marched to Cambridge having taken in this tour a number of Tories amounting in all (together with those which had been sent to them at Liberty Hill by Col Pickens) to three or four hundred."

      Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution Vol.3 No.12, p.39.:

      "That in the tour that said Franks was in at Liberty Hill he knew him well as a soldier. ... That he knows that he served at least three months during the Tour at Liberty Hill."

    • Snippet from Mills Atlas Edgefield District (surveyed 1817) from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection at, rotated to have N at the top:

      Liberty Hill

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