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Where: 36.829 -75.251 Lexington/Edward

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  • 36.829 -75.251 Lexington/Edward
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  • Archive Allen, Gardner Weld, A Naval History of the American Revolution, Vol.I, Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, The Riverside Press Cambridge, 1913. Scanned by Google. Ocr'd to make full-text searchable by JR. p.140
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    April 7, in sight of the Virginia capes, Captain John Barry of the Lexington reported to the Marine Committee : (' I have the pleasure to acquaint yon that at one P. M. this day I fell in with the sloop Edward [of eight guns], belonging to the Liverpool frigate. She engaged us near two glasses. They killed two of our men and wounded two inore. We shattered her in rt terrible manner, as you will see. We killed and wounded several of her crew. I shall give you a particular account of the powder and arms taken out of her, as well as my proceedings in general. I have the happiness to acquaint you that all our people behaved with much courage." 1 Captain Barry was an Irishman by birth and afterwards became a distinguished officer of the navy. In July the sloop Sachem captured a heavily armed British letter of marque brig.

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