Leroy Hammond Grave

Other names:

Grave, Col. Leroy Hammond

Where: 33.5265242 -81.9798377 Grave, Col. Leroy Hammond, North Augusta SC

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  • From Joe Goldsmith:

    Leroy Hammond

    Col. Leroy Hammond d. 1790 (spelled by his brother Samuel as two words, i.e. Le Roy, as in Moss) Roster of SC Patriots in … © 1985 B.G. Moss, p. 408; Y-106, A.A. 3277

    Also at this site are found graves of

    • Leroy Hammond (Jr.) d. Feb 20, 1816 (not listed in SAR Patriot Index) Moss op. cit. p. 408, A.A. 3278;
    • Quartermaster John Hammond 1745 –1800 Not listed in SAR Patriot Index. Moss op. cit. p.407 “….served as a quartermaster under his uncle Lt. Col. Samuel Hammond…” A.A. 3274; M14; T363; T364.

  • NBBAS:Vols. One 11 pages listed in index.
  • NBBAS:Vols. Three 10 pages listed in index.
  • O'Kelley Revlist post. Eutaw Springs.
  • O'Kelley Revlist post.. Courageous role played by the daughter of his adjutant at Siege of Ninety Six.

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Search for leroy hammond. 8 returns, all relevant. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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