Leonard's Creek.

Other names: Leonhardt's Creek (probably)

What: Murder, 2 Nov 1781 German Patriots vs. *German Loyalists

Where: 35.8529153 -80.2169936, Pilgrim Cemetery, Leonard's Creek

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  • 35.8529153 -80.2169936, Pilgrim United Church of Christ
  • GNIS record for Pilgrim Cemetery. Note mapping options.
  • Confidence: 5 (of cemetery), 2 (of murders)

  • 35.8315264 -80.2225493 Leonard's Creek
  • GNIS record for mouth, Leonard's Creek. Note mapping options.
  • Confidence: 5 (of creek mouth), 0 (of murders)

  • 35.9526373,-80.2169931, Leonard's Creek, source
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  • Confidence: 5 (of creek source), 0 (of murders)


  • Barefoot, p.321-322.

  • NBBAS:Three, p.383-384.
    Leonardís Creek, North Carolina
    2 November 1781

    Valentin Leonhardt and Wooldrich Fritz were neighbors along Leonardís Creek who had enlisted in the Patriot army. Leonhardt had enlisted when he was 55 years old, and all of his sons had also served. In the battle of Guilford Courthouse the two neighbors fought side by side and survived to come home. Unfortunately many of their German Tory neighbors had sworn allegiance to the Crown and were bent on revenge.

    Two weeks after Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown Leonhardt and Fritz were both shot in their homes by Tories. Fritz died immediately, but Leonhardt lingered for eleven days. Both men were buried together in the present-day Pilgrim United Church of Christ cemetery.

  • Straight-line distance between source and mouth of creek is 8.35 miles.

    Leonards Creek

  • "John Paul "Valentine" Leonard"

  • "Hans Ulerich Fritz"

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   Nov 1781 listing
    1/2/1781 Leonard's Creek. Shown as British victory.

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