Graves of Henry & John Laurens.

Other names: Mepkin


33.11724, -79.95685, Graves of Henry & John Laurens, Mepkin
32.64313, -80.59506, Stock's Cemetery, original grave for John Laurens, approximate site

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  • Laurens, Henry (1724-1792)

  • Laurens, John (1754-1782)
    • Bio
      • Laurens NPS brief bio and portrait, by NPS
      • Laurens was approximately 26 years old in 1780, and was approximately 28 years old when he died.
    • Grave
      • RW Description of Mepkin Abbey. Laurens plantation had 3 burial sites. That of John Laurens is oldest. Site is on Mepkin Abbey Road, off of Dr. Evans Rd.
      • John Laurens grave, in site #1 (see description). Turn r. (north). Site is on Mepkin Abbey Rd. off Dr. Evans Rd.

  • Lossing, 1850: "He was buried upon the plantation of Mrs. Stock, in whose family he spent the evening previous to his death in cheerful conversation. A small inclosure, without a stone, marks his grave."

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