Lacey's Ft   Lacey's Ft HM   Hillhouse Pl

Lacey's Fort/Hillhouse Pl.

Other names:

Fort, campsite, plantation destruction, probable fort capture and/or destruction.

34.86448 -81.35094, Hillhouse Plantation (JCP)
34.85699 -81.34801, Lacey's Fort HM
34.84273 -81.32441, Lacey's Fort

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  • Lacey's Fort historical marker. 34.85699 -81.34801. Location basis of marker. York County SC.

  • Michael C. Scoggins, Archive"Lacey's Fort.

  • SCPA William Hillhouse, "Pension application of William Hillhouse S7008. Transcribed by Will Graves; annotated by Charles B. Baxley.
    ...I would also state to the War Department, that the British Commander in Chief Lord Cornwallis on his march to Virginia in January 1781 made my plantation his place of rendezvous from Tuesday till Friday [16-19 Jan 1781], stripping me of all my possessions except the land which he could not destroyed. ...

  • The plantation location provided has been approximated by Jack Parker using land plats map, 1907 topo map and modern map overlays.
    Elevation profile from selected location of Hillhouse Plantation to that for Lacey's Fort.*

  • This map from an 1982 study shows the center of the William Hillhouse property to be approximately here: 34.85772 -81.34668, 479 feet bearing 56.2° (as plotted) from the Lacey's Fort HM. See Acme map, above.

    Other interesting related property maps are found on this site.

    Based on topographic details in this map, this image shows where the Hillhouse property would have been located based upon its placement by those plotting the plats for the 1982 study.

  • The Lacey's fort marker is likely no great distance (within two or three miles) from the fort location, but it remains a matter under discussion and may remain so. From the historical marker, the currently selected probable location for the location of Lacey's Fort is 1.7 miles bearing 126°. In the Southern Campaigns of the American Revolution newsletter, Vol.2, No.7, July 2005, a comment by its editor Charles Baxley
    In the June 2005 SCAR reported that we toured the site of Col. Edward Lacey’s Fort (as formally marked by a SC roadside historic marker) in southwest York County, SC at Blanton Road and the West McConnells Highway (SC 322). After a discussion on Lacey’s Fort with York County Revolutionary War scholar Mike Scoggins, I am not too sure we have found the correct place. There are distinct remnants of the old Winnsborough to Rutherfordton, NC road (known in Chester County as Quinn Road) including a stone bridgehead downstream of the modern SC 322 bridge over Turkey Creek. According to a map in the Cornwallis papers located by John Allison, Lacey’s Fort was south of Turkey Creek where we may find additional Revolutionary War era road pieces and the redoubt.
    The February 2006 issue described a SCAR group tour of this area, but reported no conclusion regarding the location.

  • The original location for Lacey's Fort location shown on this website was provided by Charles Baxley and was quite close to that currently selected.

  • Michael C. Scoggins, Relentless Fury: The Revolutionary War in the Southern Piedmont, pp.51-52. Cultural & Heritage Museums, Rock Hill SC, 2006. Maj. Archibald McDonald's letter (20 Dec 1780) and Lt. McDonald's map of what is believed to be Lacey's Fort.

  • Crude tracing of McDonald's fort map with Acme Mapper topo of locale:

    fort acme

    The map showed the road crossing Turkey Creek at Barrow's Mill. There was a sizeable hill shown to the north. Below it was a sizeable hill containing the fort. To the west of the "fort" hill was a smaller hill. The fort was described as being 15-feet high.

    Per Scoggins, Relentless Fury..., this map was sent by Maj. McDonald to Cornwallis from Beyerley [Brierly aka Shirer's] Ferry on 20 Dec 1780. Notes on the map show that the fort was 30 miles from the Mobley settlement and 50 miles from Brierley's Ferry. McDonald's letter said that it was made from information provided by a loyalist named Lane who had been a prisoner there. Lane said that it had no place for cannon and was unsure of its size. The map showed two bastions.

    It seems that Lt. McDonald may have drawn this map site unseen based on information and possibly a sketch by Lane. The straight-line distance (not be taken too seriously) from the fort described by Lane/McDonald to Brierly's/Shirer's Ferry is 36.0 miles, which may be taken as a suggestion that the distances given were intended to be taken as approximations.

    The elevation of the hill selected on the topo snippet is approximately 555 feet.
    The elevation of the hill to the NW of that selected is approximately 505 feet. Elevation profile from selected location to hill to the NW.*
    The elevation of the hill to the west of the selected hill is approximately 545 feet. Elevation profile from selected location to hill to W.*
    The elevation of the hill 0.49 mi. to the east of the selected hill (not shown in the topo snippet) is approximately 565 feet.
    The selected fort site is 837 feet from the nearest water source. Elevation profile from selected location to nearest water source.*
    The selected fort site is 0.7 miles from Barrow's Mill, a source of food. Elevation profile from selected location to mill/crossing.*
    The selected fort site is well-placed to observe both Turkey Creek and the road.
    Selected location of Lacey's Fort: 34.84273 -81.32441 Fort location basis.

  • Custom Google map showing the various locations related to Tarleton's route from Cowpens via Hamilton's Ford to Hillhouse Plantation. Grindal Shoals is included only for reference. The several Goudelock sites result from the problem in determining the exact location from which Goudelock was abducted.

  • Baxley, SCAR.
    Search for lacey's fort 4 returns (through 9-2006), all relevant.
    Search for turkey creek 11 returns (through 9-2006), about half relevant.
    Search for Fort Lacey. 1 return.

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