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21 Apr 1779 Col. Von Schaick (?) burned.

42.98332, -76.14293 Kana-Ta-Go-Wah

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  • Elvin Birth, The 1779 Western Campaigns, Raleigh: 2003, privately published, "Journals.pdf", p.15. 42.98332 -76.14293 Basis of location.

  • Google Google map of Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (historical markers). Use control-f and search for kana. Click on blue icon to show location, marker picture and full text.
    Kana-Ta-Go-Wah (Big Village near the Council House) Large Iroquois-Onondaga village located on east bank of Onondaga Creek and extending to this site-Onondaga Indians began to settle here after the burning of Onondaga village in Fronteac's Invasion of 1696 From 1720 known as Lower Onondaga Village and the Seat of the Iroquois Confederacy Connasatego (Black Prince), Caghs-Wuti-Chiand ts-Chini-Chiata Lived Here. Visited by Moravian Missionaries in 1745 [1933]
    on US 11 (South Salina St.), East side opposite #5900, about 35 feet S of point of Dorwin Ave.

  • Conover, George S., compiler Archive Journals of the Military Expedition of Major General John Sullivan Against the Six Nations Indians in 1779.., Auburn NY: Knapp, Peck & Thomason, 1887, pages suggested by Elvin Birth.
    Page 192 "I ordered Different Routs to be taken by several Different Detachments, in order to surround as [many] of their Settlements as possible at the same time, which Extended Eaight Miles in Length, with some scattered habitations laying back of the Costs, and on the opposite side of the Creek "

    Page 17 "plundered their houses and set fire to them and marched off about 4 we then collected all our prisoners plundered this town and sett fire to it then marched of to the main body which lay at the first town, we stayd there about 8 hours and killed some five horses and a Number of hogs & plunderd their houses and set fire to them and Marched of about 4 o'Clock "

  • RevWar75 RevWar75
  • Sep 1778 listing. No PA listing.
  • Oct 1778 listing. 10/6 - 8/1778 Unadilla. American victory.
  • Oct 1778 listing. 10/1778 Tioga. Shown as insufficent data.

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