John's Island

Other names: Dill's Bluff (James Island)

Island near Charleston. Sometimes given as the location of the Dills Bluff action on James Island in which Capt. Wilmot was killed in the last action of the Continentals in SC, 14 Nov 1782.

Where: 32.7024009 -80.0481490 John's Island

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  • Boatner, p.559, describes an action on 4 Nov 1782 on John's Island, involving the death of Capt. William Wilmot.

  • NBBAS:Four 14 Nov 1782. James Island (Dill's Bluff) p.97-99. This describes the action in which Capt. Wilmot was killed, the last action for the Continentals in SC.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • May 1779 listing 20 May 1779 John's Island. Draw. Per Peckham. [Mathews Plantation]
  • Nov 1782 listing
    4 Nov 1782 John's Island. American victory. Per Boatner < Heitman.
    14 Nov 1782 James Island (Dill's Bluff). Draw. Per O'Kelley.

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