Jenkins Fort

Jenkins Fort

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1 July 1778 Surrendered. Burned by British Maj. John Butler.

41.32774 -75.79298 Jenkins Fort

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  • Jenkins' Fort historical marker
    Stockaded home of John Jenkins. Built by Connecticut settlers, 1776. Surrendered to the British under Maj. John Butler, July 1, 1778, and was burned.
    41 19.665' N, 75 47.579' W (41.32774 -75.79298) Basis for location.

  • Charles McKnight, Our Western Border, in Early Pioneer Days: Containing the True Account of Western Frontier Life and Struggle in the Most Heroic Age of America ... , Educational Co., 1902
    Page 625:
    Late in June [1778], therefore, a large body of tories and savages, numbering eleven hundred, under the lead of that notorious royalist, Colonel John Butler, descended the Susquehanna, and appeared before Jenkins Fort, at the head of the valley. The invasion had not altogether been unexpected. For several weeks previous small parties of strange Indians had come and gone, professing friendship with their lips but acting in the most secret and treacherous manner. Colonel Zebulon Butler at once took alarm, and wrote to Congress and Washington, presenting his fears and the reasons for them, but nothing was done. Jenkins' Fort was obliged to capitulate, and Wintermoot's followed suit.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75
  • Jul 1778 listing. 7/3 - 4/1778 Wyoming Valley "Massacre". American defeat.

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