James Robertson's Graves.

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#2: Old Nashville City Cemetery
#1: Chickasaw Agency (West Tennessee, Chickasaw Bluff, near Memphis) What:

36.1470 -86.7699, James Robertson's Grave #2
35.2450879 -90.0612020, James Robertson's Grave #1

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  • "Gen. James Robertson Of TN: History & Genealogy"

  • The Nashville City Cemetery website

  • Robertson's place of death was the Chickasaw Agency in 1814. The difficulty is that the Chickasaw Agency had multiple locations, either simultaneously or sequentially. Some places proposed as his place of death (or locations of the agency) have included Pontonoc MS, Columbus MS, "West Tennessee", "near Memphis", "Chickasaw Bluff", and another in Alabama.

  • Per Col. Harlee, a credible researcher: "died at the Agency in West Tennessee, September 1, 1814." "...was buried at the Agency, and there remained until 1825, when, by act of the Legislature of Tennessee, his remains were removed to Nashville..."

  • From the above it is conjectured that his place of death was "at Chickasaw Bluff near Memphis". GNIS lists four Chickasaw Bluffs in TN, with No.4 in Memphis and No. 3 north of Memphis. Chickasaw Bluff No.3 (2 sets of coordinates provided, that closest to Memphis is used) has been arbitrarily selected as the more probable since it is "near Memphis" rather than "in Memphis". Had the location of the agency been in modern Memphis (No.4), it would seem that would have been the description used. Basis for grave #1 site selection

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