Island Ford

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No actions here. Crossing 5 miles 345° from Cowpens NB. Used in movements related to actions at Kings Mountain and Cowpens.

Where: 35.20572 -81.83981 Island Ford

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  • W. D. Floyd post to NCRUTHER-L, 3 Apr 2013 Island Ford gets it's name from the island in the middle of Broad River and is located under the bridge crossing the river for Highway US-221.
  • "DIARY OF LIEUT. ANTHONY ALLAIRE, OF FERGUSON'S CORPS" ... marched sixteen miles to Camp's Ford of Second Broad river; forded it, and continued on three and a half miles farther to Island Ford of Main Broad river;.... [Distance from Second Broad to Island Ford is understated. Closest line-of-sight distance to nearest point on Second Broad River is 4.35 miles.]
  • Annual Report of the Secretary of War, Volume 2, U.S GPO, 1880, p.1023
    Second Broad River (123 Miles)... Main river 80 yards wide...
    Island Ford (129¼ Miles) - The river is 200 yards wide, 10 inches to 2 feet deep, the bed being filled with gravel which extends 500 yards. A shifting channel, 2 feet deep generally exists. Floyd's Creek on north side...
    . Note mouth of Floyd Creek on Acme Mapper topo map slightly west.
  • Mills Atlas merged maps (top of map) makes the ford appear due north of Cowpens and east of Big Horse Creek, which is misleading.
  • "Benson's" 1786 map of Spartan County clearly shows "Road to Island Ford" turning north-westerly above Cowpens to go between Horse Creek and McKinnies Creek.
  • Chivous Bradley, Rutherford County Historian:
    I have three old maps which were printed before US 221 was built. 221 was constructed almost entirely off the old roadbed, but the old road which existed near it had not changed for many years. The 1905 Lee W. Lynch Complete Map of Rutherford County clearly shows Island Ford just west of the island and east of the mouth of Floyd's Creek. David Burr's 1839 map of North and South Carolina appears to show it in the same location as does J. Whitten's 1820 map of the Spartanburgh District. So, the Island Ford was almost certainly ... between the mouth of Floyd's Creek and the island. Basis of location.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75 Not an action. Unlisted.

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