Other names: Indian Town

What: Raid, church burned, 15-20 Sep 1780, *Maj. James Wemyss

Where: 33.72899, -79.57141(WGS84/NAD83)

Maps: [map notes]


  • SC Hist. Highway Marker Guide, p.234. Marker described as approximately .5 miles west of modern community of Indiantown, consistent with O'Kelley's mark, and cemetery shown on 1:24k topo. Describes burning of church in 1780 as a "sedition shop".

  • NBBAS:Two. 308. Wemyss' Raid. 15-20 Sep 1780

  • Sherman's Calendar.... Search for indiantown. 4 returns referring to this approximate location. No mention of church burning. P. 179. 7 Sep. Mentions Wemyss. To avoid future long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

  • RevWar75 RevWar75   Listing for Wemyss' Raid, 15-20 Sep 1780

  • William Dobien James, Life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion, P. 29-30.

  • Barefoot(SC), p.18-19. Highway marker described as being on SC-512 at state road 45-39, placing the marker in modern Indiantown community. Describes burning of church in 1780 as a "sedition shop". Present Indiantown Presbyterian Church described as site, and present church as 3rd to be built there. GNIS detail for the modern church. Note mapping options.

Related sites: McGill's Plantation, Williamsburg Township

Submitted by: Patrick O'Kelley

Confidence level: 4