Global Gazetteer of the American Revolution
© 2006 John A. Robertson All rights reserved.
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Location St Co Latitude Longitude Comment   In Ir Is   Top Data C
Independence; Fort NY Wes 41.298 -73.942 Incomplete  
Independence; Fort SC Abb 34.171414 -82.636445 Fort; Patriot militia vs. James Boyd; early Feb 1779; fort captured and burned 3
Independence; Fort VT Add 43.824 -73.380 Incomplete  
Indian Hill PA Bra 41.65829 -76.16323 9/29/78 Col. Hartley* vs. Seneca. 3
Indian Line SC       See Great Cane Brake  
Indian Old Fields GA Cha     See Ogeechee Ferry  
Indian/Tory graves SC Yor 35.051114 -80.937635 Skirmish; Morgan's men vs. Unknown loyalist commander; ?? ?? 1780?. Incomplete 1
Indiantown Church SC Wil 33.72899 -79.57141 Church burned; 15-20 Sep 1780; *Maj. James Wemyss (PJO) 4
Irwin's Ferry NC Hal 36.695 -78.847 Incomplete  
Island Flats TN Sul 36.554 -82.564 Incomplete  
Island Ford NC Rut 35.20582 -81.83851 Incomplete  
Īle aux Noix Can Que 45.1209 -73.2675 Incomplete  
Isle La Motte VT GrI 44.877 -73.339 Incomplete  
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