Hudson's Ferry

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Skirmish, Col. Isaac Shelby vs. Georgia Loyalists, 27 July 1781

Where: 32.619 -81.412 Hudson's Ferry

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  •, "War Chronology, 1781"
    27 Jul 1781, Hudson's Ferry, Georgia, detachment of Georgia Loyalists present.

  • LAMAR Institute Publication Series, Number 57, "Archaeological Reconnaissance Survey at Hudson Ferry, Screven County, Georgia", 2003, p.3
    In January 1779 Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell led a major invasion of British troops from Ebenezer to Augusta. In this campaign Campbell established a British post at Hudsonís Ferry. Among the troops posted at Hudsonís Ferry in 1779 was the 2nd Battalion of South Carolina Royalists (Cole and Braisted 2003). A subsequent military engagement between Americans, led by Colonel Isaac Shelby, and Georgia Loyalists took place at Hudsonís Ferry on July 27, 1781 (Cole and Braisted 2003). During the American Revolution, thousands of British troops passed through the Hudsonís Ferry area. Several hundred were garrisoned there for a period of weeks, if not months. It is reasonable to expect that their activity in this vicinity left a significant archaeological signature.

  • Randy Golden, "The Liberation of Georgia", Our Georgia History,
    As Cornwallis moved further from his base in the South, it became easier for guerillas to operate effectively. Colonel Isaac Shelby raided Georgia, killing some forty Loyalists. Colonel Thomas Brown and Colonel James Grierson, Loyalists in charge of Augusta, could not mount a retaliatory offensive against the agitators. Shelby, though, was not the Augusta commanders major problem.

    Elijah Clarke reformed his brigade in the Spring of 1781 and joined with a group of South Carolina militia under the command of Micajah Williamson to invest the city of Augusta. If it seems that Clarke was obsessed with freeing Augusta he was. The city was an outpost connected to Savannah by the 80 mile River Road. The few British troops in the state remained in Savannah and Ebenezer, where they guarded vital outposts such as Hudson's Ferry on the River Road.

  • RevWar75 RevWar75  
  • July 1781 listing   7/27/1781 Hudson's Ferry. Insufficient data. Per Braisted.

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