What: Campsite, Francis Marion, late August 1781

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Where: 32.8135089 -80.5314920 Horseshoe

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  • NBBAS:Three. p. 324. "While Marion was camped at the Horse Shoe Colonel William Stafford and 150 more men reinforced him, increasing his army to about 400 partisans."

  • Ribley: Battleground, p.184. "...Hayne fell back to what was then called "The Horse Shoe", a section of high land between modern Horseshoe and Chessey Creeks about midway between Jacksonboro and Walterboro."
  • In some reference (which I cannot currently find), Hayne's Plantation was described as having been in the Horseshoe. See Tomb of Isaac Hayne: 32.8071206, -80.4798250.

  • "Names in Colleton County" "During colonial times those places most frequently mentioned in Colleton County were Pon Pon, Parkers Ferry, the Round O, Edmundsbury, the Horseshoe, Jacksonborough, Chee-ha, and Combahee. ...All three of the above named places are in the same general area but separated by swamps, and the same applies to the Horseshoe. Many of our early settlers referred to their home as being on the Horseshoe: in fact, many of the first settlers of Walterboro came from this area from which they were supplied by their plantations with fresh meat, dairy products, and vegetables."

  • Renounciation of Dower Book 1757-1760, page 47-49: "...Plantation or Tract of Land containing One Hundred and thirty five acres situate Lying and being on the Westside of Pon-Pon River and on a Savannah called the Horse Shoe Savannah in Colleton County ..."

  • "South Carolina Plantations" describes "Horseshoe Plantation": "Location – Horseshoe Creek (a branch of the Ashepoo River), Neyles, St Bartholomew's Parish, Colleton County".

  • Biographical Directory of the United States Congress: LOWNDES, William, (brother of Thomas Lowndes), a Representative from South Carolina; born on "Horseshoe" plantation, near Jacksonborough, St. Bartholomew’s parish, South Carolina, February 11, 1782

  • The Mills Atlas Colleton District map shows Lownds between Chessey and Horseshoe Creeks.


  • Relationship between Isaac Hayne's Plantation, "Horseshoe Plantation" and modern Horseshoe Bridge on SC-64:


  • It is concluded that "the Horseshoe" referred to this locale, not just the area between the 2 creeks, and that the Horseshoe Bridge over SC-64 is as representative a point for the locale as any.

  • Baxley: SCAR. Not found.

  • Sherman, "Calendar...". Not found. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

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