Horn's Creek.

What: Skirmish, 3 Apr 1781, *Capt. Key vs. Capt. John Clark

Other names: Horner's Creek, Horner's Corner

Where: 33.7195776 -81.9578923

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  • 33.7195776 -81.9578923, Junction of Horn and Tobler Creeks
  • GNIS record for Tobler Creek.
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  • 33.721393,-81.936386, Horn's Creek historical marker (JP)
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    • Horns Creek
      ; Horn Cr
      Horn Cr lgd

    • Terry Lipscomb, Part 10, Names in South Carolina, Winter 1983, p.12
      The Horn Creek skirmish took place at the residence of the Tory Captain Clark, who. may have been the John Clark, Jr., mentioned in land records of this area. Local tradition holds that the action happened near the fork of Tobler Creek and Horn Creek; this is about four miles south of Edgefield and about a mile and a quarter downstream from historic Horn Creek Baptist Church.

    • Barefoot, p.124.

    • SC Historic Highway Marker Guide, p.87.
      Road 76, about 6 miles S of Edgefield
      (Reverse) Revolutionary Skirmish at Horns Creek

      Not far from this historic church a skirmish took place in 1781. Captain Thomas Key of Colonel LeRoy Hammond's regiment attacked a party of Tories under the Command of Captain Clark. The Tories were defeated, their captain killed and the entire company captured and paroled.

      Erected by Edgefield Count Historical Society and Edgefield County Council - 1974

    • NBBAS:Four p.180
      Revlist post.

    • Sherman, "Calendar...". P.322. To avoid long downloads, use option to "Save and view this PDF in Reader".

    • RevWar75 RevWar75   listing
      4/1781 Horn Creek (Horner's Creek). American victory.
      4/3/1781 Clark's Ford. Shown as insuffient information.

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      Submitted by: Jack Parker

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