Horn Work, Charleston

Other names:

Remains of Horn Work from Siege of Charleston, 1780 (JCP)

Where: 32.786737 -79.93633 Horn Work, Charleston

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  • JCP: Source of location and images

    Horn Work
    Remnant of Horn Work, Marion Square, Charleston

    Horn Work
    American side of wall

    Horn Work
    British side of wall

    Horn Work
    "Remnant of Horn Work, May 1780, Siege of Charleston"

  • Base map from Christine Swager, The Valiant Died, Heritage Books, 2006. With permission. Red dot is approximate location of modern Marion Square as it would have been located in Charleston's defences in 1780.

    Marion Square 1780

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  • Mar 1780 listing
    3/30/1780 Gibbe's Plantation (Peaceful Retreat Plantation, Gibbes' Farm. Draw
  • Apr 1780 listing
    4/4/1780 Charlestown. Shown as draw.
    4/4/1780 Battery Number 6, Charlestown. Insufficient data.
    4/8/1780 Fort Moultrie. Draw.
    4/11/1780 Cooper River, Charlestown. Draw.
    4/12/1780 Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island. Draw.
    4/13/1780 Charlestown. Draw.
    4/14/1780 Biggin's (Bacon's) Bridge. British victory.
    4/14/1780 Monck's Corner. British victory.
    4/20/1780 Charlestown. Draw.
    4/20/1780 Wando River. British victory.
    4/23/1780 Mt. Pleasant, Charlestown. Draw.
    4/24/1780 Sortie from Charlestown. American victory.
    4/25/1780 Sullivan's Island, Charlestown Harbor. Draw.
    4/28/1780 Haddrell's Point, Charlestown Harbor. British victory.
    4/30/1780 Lempriere's (Hobcaw) Point. British victory.
  • May 1780 listing
    5/12/1780 Surrender of Charlestown

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