Hood's Creek

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Skirmish, ? Sep 1781, Col. Leonard vs. Major Craig.

34.310690 -78.11979 Hood's Creek Bridge
35.06821488 -77.0774491 Hood's Creek (mouth)

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    Hoodís Creek, North Carolina
    September 1781

    After the victory at Elizabethtown the Patriots tried to confine the operations of the British forces located in Wilmington. Colonel Leonard took thirty men and set up an encampment a few miles above Wilmington to cut off the supplies, and to prevent slaves from flocking into the British camp. Leonardís base was a great annoyance to Major Craig and he resolved to have the encampment broken up. Craig sent out a portion of his force to form an ambush site at a bridge on a Hoodís Creek. The rest of the British force was to be guided around behind Leonardís camp to cut off any retreat. The orders given to the Loyalists were that they were to show no quarter and put to death every Whig found with arms in their hands. When their guide heard these orders he decided he would not take them to the Patriot camp right away, because many of the men in the camp had been his friends and neighbors. The guide kept the British force wandering in the woods from swamp to swamp, until he supposed the camp had noticed the approach of the force.

    The British force at Hoodís Creek Bridge became impatient waiting for the rest of their comrades and they sounded a horn to let them know they were ready. The Whigs in the camp heard the horn and at first supposed it was a boatman. However when it continued they sent two brothers named Smith down to the bridge to ascertain the source of the noise. When the two brothers came to the bridge and saw the British they wheeled away on their horses under a volley of musket fire. One brother had his hat shot off and the other one was badly wounded and fell off his horse. The British rushed forward and bayoneted him to death. The camp heard all the shooting and quickly withdrew to safety.

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