Other names:
Great Hiwassee

1780 (1776?) Burned by Sevier's men

Where: 35.23426 -84.55679 Hiwassee

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    Great Hiwassee (Ayouwasi) located in present-day Polk County, Tennessee, along the Hiwassee River at the base of the Unicoi Mountains, where the river levels into a fertile plain. The site is now farmland. The term "Hiwassee" means "savanna" or "plain."[11] Hiwassee is sometimes called "Hiwassee Old Town." 35.24314N 84.58149W
    [11] ^ Mooney, Myths of the Cherokee and Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee, 512.
    Note slightly different location.

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  • Sep 1776: 9/1776 Valley Towns (Hiwassee River). American victory. Ref: CPI
  • Oct 1776: 10/1776 Tuskeegee and Overhill Towns. American victory. Ref. CPI, Boatner.

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