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Hilton Head Island, off

What: Skirmish, Off Hilton Head Island GA, 20 Oct 1781, Capt. McCumber & Capt. Howell vs. Capt. Scanlan

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Where: 31.9134 -80.7345 (NAD83/WGS84), Hilton Head Island, off

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  • 31.9134,-80.7345, Hilton Head Island, off, 20 Oct 1781, Capt. McCumber & Capt. Howell vs. Capt. Scanlan
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  • NBBAS:Vol. Three p.378-379.
    Hilton Head Island, Georgia
    20 October 1781

    Captain McCumber had been caught in a gale of wind off Hilton Head and his galley Tuger capsized. Two of her crew was drowned, but the Georgia privateer, Captain John Howell, and his open boats, rescued thirty of them. The next day the combined crews captured two schooners loaded with rice. They also capturing the thirty slaves on board that were bound for the West Indies.

    Before the captured schooners could be taken away a British galley appeared with two boats. Captain Howell set fire to the two rice schooners and escaped with the slaves. Captain Scallan arrived in time to save the schooners from burning.

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    September 1779
    October 1891. 10/20/1781 Hilton Head Island. Draw.

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