Heaton's Station

Other names: Eaton's Station

Heaton's Station,1780 Mayfield & Porter killed nearby.

Where: 36.20231 -86.78967 Heaton's Station

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  • There is an historical marker in the vicinity , but the location selected is at the highest location in the vicinity, the most logical location for a fortified structure.

  • Google Putnam, Albigence Waldo, History of Middle Tennessee, 1859. P.66.
    A number determined to settle on the east side of the river, and selected a station about one and a half miles below the Bluffs, which was called Eaton's or Heaton's Station, as Amos Eaton was one of that party.

  • Google Ramsey, James Gettys McGready, The Annals of Tennessee, to the End of the Eighteenth Century: Comprising Its Settlement, as the Watauga Association, from 1796 to 1777; a Part of North-Carolina, from 1777 to 1784..., Lippincott, Grambo & Company, 185. P.447
    Soon afterwards, in July or August [1780], a party of Indians, believed to be Delawares, killed Jonathan Jennings, at the point of the first island above Nashville. Higher up the Cumberland River, on the north side, on the bluff where William Williams, Esquire, since lived, Ned Carver was killed ; his wife and two children escaped, and came to Nashville. The same party, in a day or two after, killed William Neely, at Neely's Lick, and took his daughter prisoner. At Eaton's Station, they also killed James Mayfield, near the place where, previously, Porter had been shot in the daytime by Indians in the cedars, in view of the station.
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