Harpeth River

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Fall 1780 Capt. Leiper +15 retook horses & plunder taken by Indians from Bluff fort

Where: 36.28516 -87.14608 Harpeth River

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  • Putnam, Albigence Waldo, History of Middle Tennessee ..., Nashville, 1859. p.116.
    About this time [1780?]Captain Leiper, in command of fifteen men, pursued Indians to Harpeth River. The Indians heard the whites as they came "with a rush through the cane," and for some time "attempted to escape with the horses and plunder," but the pursuit was becoming too close and earnest. The horses were burdened with the various articles stolen from the whites, insomuch that they were often entangled and stopped by the bushes and cane. The savages did not take the time and precaution to cut the ropes and thongs by which the loads were fastened upon the animals. At the first fire of a gun from Leiper, every Indian fled to the bush, abandoning all the horses and whatever was on them. Leiper was certain he wounded the Indian at whom he fired; "the fellow dropped his gun and ran."
  • Albright, Edward,, GoogleEarly History of Middle Tennessee, Brandon Printing Company, 1909. P.79-80
    Later in the fall [1780] another party of Indians approached the Bluff Station in the night, stole a number of horses, loaded them with such goods and plunder as they could lay hands on and made their escape. The next morning Capt. James Leiper, with a company of fifteen, pursued and overtook them on Harpeth River. When the savages heard the approach of the whites they made every effort to escape, but their horses, which were heavily loaded with the plunder stolen from the settlement, could make but little headway through the entangled undergrowth. At the first fire from Leiper's party the Indians fled, leaving the horses and plunder to their pursuers.

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