Hammond's Mill.

What: Capture, 3 Apr 1781, *Capt. Key vs. Loyalists

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Where: 33.51199 -81.99440

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  • 33.51199,-81.99440, Hammond's Mill (JP)
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    • Terry Lipscomb, Part 10, Names in South Carolina, Winter 1983, p.12
      Key attacked a party of Tories posted at Horn Creek under the command of a Captain Clark; the Tories were defeated, their captain killed, and the entire company captured and paroled. The Patriot band then proceeded to Hammond's Mill, on the Savannah River, where they attacked a British fort, broke up the mill, and took away all of the enemy's provisions.
      The mill occupied by the British was the property of Colonel LeRoy Hammond, a noted eighteenth century entrepreneur who had acquired important real estate holdings north of Augusta. The mill was probably the one at his Snow Hill property at the falls of the Savannah River, a tract correspanding to the northwestern part of the town of North Augusta in modern Aiken County.10
      10. Johnson, Traditions, pp. 477, 514; Pension Account of Samuel Hammond, National Archives. For the correct spelling of the commander's name, see the Audited Account of Thomas Key (AA4264), South Carolina Archives. Snow Hill is shown on Robert Mills's map of Edgefield District.

    • Liberty Hill, Patriot/Rebel Campsite during Siege of Augusta, was also called Snow Hill Ferry.

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    • NBBAS:Four p.180
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      4/1781 Horn Creek (Horner's Creek). American victory.
      4/3/1781 Clark's Ford. Shown as insuffient information.

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